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Why I don’t think the iPad will beat the Kindle

I’ve had a kindle for about 8 weeks now - never even so much as touched an iPad since, living in the UK, I’m a second hand citizen in Appleland.

Nonetheless I feel qualified to comment on why I don’t think the iPad will destroy the kindle - the reason is simple:

The kindle is simply the best reading experience I’ve ever had.

After 8 weeks of reading on my kindle I can say that I now avoid buying books if they’re not available on the platform - reading is simply superb on the device. I buy a lot of books - they’re piled high on every surface of my home. And yet I am deeply in love with the Kindle experience.

I contrast this with the experience of reading on my iPhone or Mac. I have the Kindle app for both and Instapaper for the iPhone. The getting lost factor simply isn’t there for these platforms. Instapaper is about as close as I get with it’s tilt scrolling and I read a bunch of stuff on the bus - but for serious reading the Kindle kills it. 

Tapping the screen on the iPad sounds interventionist to me - it will interrupt the page turning experience - the Kindle vanishes while reading - you forget you’re reading one. And it’s the form factor and weight of the thing that does it. It’s actually easier to read than a real book. The iPad - for all its desirability and swoon factor (I’m sure I’ll break down and buy one as I have with every other apple device) - will not be as good as the Kindle for reading books.

Big wheel in Nottingham

Big wheel in Nottingham